Sunday, 11 August 2013

Viminacium: The Mammoth Graveyard discovered in Serbia

Hi, I'm Tamara from Serbia and I would like to share with you the information about the site near Serbia's capital Belgrade. It is Viminacium - Roman city and military camp which was laying under the fields for so many years. The great thing is that there's no new town build on the site so the excavations may go pretty forward (in the ideal world).

Unfortunately, back in 80s, near the site it was built an electrical power plant, but now the archaeology is in full speed and they do the great job. What is interesting archaeologists found what may be the first mammoth graveyard, with the well preserved remains of few skeletons.

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  1. How interesting, especially the theory that this might be a mammoth graveyard. There are stories of elephant graveyards (which may or may not be mythic) so maybe these distant relatives had similar behaviors.

  2. Good to see yet another remains of the gentle giant. Better that it is found in an uninhabited location