Tuesday, 6 August 2013

What You Can Do With This Blog (and other stuff)

Hello! Hello! Hello! Good day to you, anonymous people in cyberspace. Sometimes I do feel like I'm going crazy, you know, typing things and sending them out to what may be an empty audience. Ah well. Let's be crazy together, then.
Oh, and I nearly forgot to introduce myself. I'm the Glasswing Butterfly, aka look-at-the-forums-if-you-want-my-real-name. So, if you're here, I'll start with a few assumptions, that a) you're a member of Archaeology's Dirty Little Secrets, a hugely successful online MOOC by Brown University, more specifically the Great Sue Alcock (may she ever find old stuff). Oh, and b) you want to continue the fantabulous experience of this course.
Option b) may be carried out by the following instructions:
  1. Send your email to an admin, emails may be found on the forums;
  2. Who will then make you a contributor to this blog, if you have a Gmail account;
  3. If you don't, one of these two will be carried out:
    1. You WILL CREATE ONE IMMEDIATELY!!!! And hop to it! (Honestly, I'm not employed by Google);
    2. You will email your posts to ilovebookstanvidg@gmail.com, or, again, another admin;\
  4. And in the matter of posts, what they may be, and may not;
    1. Updates on events in the archaeological world (news, finds, conventions, etc. etc.). If one person could take the responsibility of compiling the best news at the beginning of every week?
    2. Some old archaeological exercises from the MOOC that you want to share;
    3. Setting a new archaeological exercise of your own devise, or of the internet's, or of the Great Sue Alcock (may she ever find old stuff), which must comply to the following conditions;
      1. There are no conditions.
      2. I lied.
      3. It can't be an exercise on- oh, I don't know, binary code, or the science of traveling: basically, it should be related to archaeology or history. But don't worry, you'll be hard-pressed to find a discipline that doesn't relate to those two.
    4. Responses to an archaeological exercise set by someone, that may be within your time and at your own will, as short and as long, as long as they are relevant to the topic.
    5. Anything else you can think of that relates to archaeology, or history!

      Yay! Now that's over with....
  5. LET'S PARTY!!!!!
 The Glasswing Butterfly

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